> Seth Underwood Stories: My Video Comments on Climate Change

My Video Comments on Climate Change

I was interviewed because part of my stories are set in a future where the polar ice caps have melted. 

Could this happen? Sure why not. 

The Earth has been warmer before, as well as colder.

So YES I believe in Climate Change, but not totally at the hands of mankind.

We humans play a part a role in the shape of our climate and our activities have impacted things, but so do other natural forces as well that are outside our abilities to control.

I think the political arguments centered around trying to lower the Earth's temperature is somewhat futile in both the short and long term, but the idea of investing in renewable energy sources make a heck of lot of sense economically speaking. 

Think about it for a moment, do you want to be in a business fully knowing that one day you will be out of business or in a business that you know you can keep charging people every day for eternity?

I think most on Wall Street would take the later fully realizing that the profits in the long term clearly out weigh the profits in the short term.