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Upcoming Digest

Good news readers.

In the next two issues of the Joseph Street Digest will be featuring some of the works.

Volume 4 will feature Rosella Tolfree’s Mother’s Day story as an excerpt.

Volume 5 will feature a full collection of the Ranger Marshals and Rosella Tolfree tales.

You really don’t want to miss out on reading more about Rosella Tolfree and the case installments she is involved with.

Some of them are adaptations of my original short stories, but there are new ones as this plot arc develops between the Ranger Marshals, the issues of human cloning, and the illuminati Church of the Ember Coalition.

All of this is taking place in the politically and environmentally insane world of the Second Age of Humanity. A time where the Earth’s polar ice caps have melted, and the new Madrid fault line has erupted into flood basalt flow. A time where the United States has 30 some years of insane presidencies and radical political groups are running amuck socially. A time where States have legalized drugs to help pay for the heavy burdens of climate change, and the U.S. finally deals with some larger social issues like immigration with Constitutional Amendments. Finally, a time of more advance technologies of AI Androids, human cloning, solar system colonization and early control of gravity.