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Jon Greene Backstories

While the JSD Volume 5 featuring Rosella Tolfree installments is still being prepared for publishing (I’ve done my part with the writing—it’s now in editing and layout), I’ve been working on an e-book that is the backstory for Jon Greene.

Jon Greene is a main character that will be featured in Rosella’s life. You might say, Jon and Rosella have a common DNA coding source. Jon also has a unique genetic property to him. He has not aged any further since about his mid-twenties. While this allows him to heal like a twenty-something, this doesn’t make him immune to death, disease or injury. Jon is not like Wolverine. In fact, as he ages he has been accumulating damage that needs to be repaired with surgery. If he gets shot, he can bleed to death. So by the time he meets Rosella, his chest is scarred up, and his ribs have been replaced with artificial alumi-plasti ribs along with a few other bones.

So while he can eat pizza like at 25-year-old, his body is pretty banged up. It’s possible that even his body will wear out and he will need a full replacement.

It’s his own fault for being banged up a lot. The Blind Obelisk gave him a choice, and it leads to such things as dealing with the Night Creature. A demoness mentioned in Isaiah 34:14.
Oh, there’s one other thing about Jon. He’s responsible for the deaths of 806 clones of women, men and children by the time he meets Rosella. This makes him one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. The current actual record holder is Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos. It’s reported this sick man has killed over 300 people (primarily children). Cubillos’ exact count is still being determined. Even so Jon Greene would in theory far surpass him. But Jon doesn’t do all the killing. He has helpers.

The irony is Rosella actually likes Jon, despite the weird chronological age difference. Jon is 62 years older than Rosella when he meets her. Rosella is in her early 40s by this point.

I’m still debating how to release the e-book. I may release it as a free item to readers, or as a premium for those who support me through Patreon. We’ll see.

(Why the eye? Jon Greene has amber eyes. Which are rare in humans)