> Seth Underwood Stories: Essie in Anaheim (est. read time- 15 min.)

Essie in Anaheim (est. read time- 15 min.)

My name is Derrick Wade, and if you are reading this post I may already be dead.

I am an online Baccalaureate Student at JH-Anaheim, and I was doing a research project for an elective class called History of Cybernetics. I realize this is a ho-hum class, but I chose the subject of cerebrum cybernetics for a term paper.

For more than 20 years; cerebrum cybernetics has been outlawed, and I didn’t know why. My dad always talked about the Hollywood Rampage, where some cerebrum cybernetic enhanced actors went on a killing spree in downtown LA. This all happened before I was born. So I wanted to find out by actually doing the research. The professor warned me that it may not be a good topic. I didn’t realize how little was out there on the subject. It was almost like everything about this period of time was erased. I couldn’t even find a single news tweet or any posting on even the stuff my dad mentioned.

I did manage to find some stuff online in the Johns Hopkins archives. They were some old personal vids of the first subject from a Dr. Naomi McLaughlin of Johns Hopkins Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the Baltimore Center in Maryland. The subject’s name was Essie Avery. The project was actually done some 30 or 40 years ago as an experiment to deal with the intellectual disabilities caused by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using an AI cybernetic computer system implanted directly into the human cerebrum.

What you are about to read is a transcript of those vids to the best of my ability.

Vid 1

(waving at camera) “Hi, this is Dr. Naomi McLaughlin with the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, at the Baltimore Center.”

(camera turns showing a thin, lanky disheveled red haired young woman, she is smiling to the camera) “We have here Essie Avery.” 

(camera turns showing Naomi sitting, while female laughter can be heard in background) “Essie is a 24-year-old, Caucasian, female, with Autism Spectrum Disorder comorbid with Angelman Syndrome. She has been uncommunicative during her entire life despite educational attempts. She suffered from feeding problems during infancy, and has abnormal EEGs. She has smooth palms, will do hand-flapping behaviors, is always apparently happy and easily excitable. Essie had difficulty feeding as an infant and had a g-tube installed for night feeds, and sedatives are used to deal with sleep disturbances. Essie continues to still have difficulties with feedings even as an adult, and the g-tube is used for night feeds. Genetic Testing has shown she has very little chromosome loss in chromosome 15. She also has many genes associated with high risks for ASD.”  

Vid 2

(waving at camera) “Okay, this is Dr. Naomi McLaughlin again. Essie Avery has been chosen to be our first test subject of the cerebrum AI-cybernetic enhancement computer. We just got the approval from the FDA the other day. Dr. Koremori should be present for this procedure. If all goes well, we should see an incredible functional improvements similar to what Dr. Koremori experienced with his Japanese macaque experiments.”

Vid 3

(slowly waving at camera, and dressed in medical scrubs) “Okay, this is Dr. Naomi McLaughlin. We just finished the procedure on Essie. It took over 14 hours of brain surgery to get all the connections into place and install the new cerebrum AI-cybernetic enhancement computer in her cranium. The battery system is completely rechargeable, but should maintain a charge for at least 10 years of use. Man I am really beat right now, but at least Essie is stable and appears to be neurologically responding correctly to stimuli. I am going to get some sleep, and check in again tomorrow on her status.”

Vid 4

(showing Essie with head wrapped in bandages in a hospital bed, voice of Dr. Naomi McLaughlin) “Okay this is day two after the installation of the cerebrum AI-cybernetic enhancement computer. Neurologically she is showing proper brain wave response, but externally she is not showing any responses so far. Dr. Koremori said some of his macaques also experienced a similar reaction for the first week or so before the system kicked in. I know this might be normal, but I just don’t know what to tell the parents.”

(male voice interrupting) “Dr. McLaughlin you are needed in Room 432B immediately. We have a patient that is experiencing a violent psychotic episode.” 

(video cuts off)

Vid 5

(showing Essie now with bandages removed, she has metal plates on her shaved head and lying in a hospital bed, voice of Dr. Naomi McLaughlin) “Okay, we have removed the bandages. Essie is still not showing any physical responses. Her pupils are showing dilation, and brain activity is indicating that she is aware of her surroundings. It has now been two weeks, and Dr. Koremori is suggesting that we conduct a remote reboot of the system. This is a risky procedure because it could result in a possible psychological trauma, or worse death. But if the parents are agreeable, I don’t see that we really have any other choice at this point. Right now it is like she is in a coma.”

Vid 6

(showing Essie, head still shaved with metal plates on it, while she is lying in a hospital bed, voice of Dr. Naomi McLaughlin) “The parents agreed to the reboot procedure the other day, and it was performed this morning. Signs are encouraging. It appears her brain wave activity is indicating that the system is now fully engaging in a way that Dr. Koremori says is what should be expected. He says we should notice very shortly some common recognizable patterns.”

Vid 7

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin waving to camera in what appears to be her office) “Hi, Dr. Naomi McLaughlin here. I just got back from running an extensive EEG on Essie. I finally have some good news to report her parents. After spending the last two hours going over the EEGs, it is clear that the system is working with Essie. Her EEG is clearly still showing the prolonged runs of the high amplitude rhythmic 4-6 Hz activity common to Angelman syndrome, and even more so abnormalities more common to 15q11-13 deletions. Why the genetic testing didn’t pick up this fact I have no idea. But there are also clear EEG overlays of the AI system present as well. Essie has yet to actually open her eyes and wake up, but she is responding to human touch. If you touch her hand she will hold your hand in response.”

Vid 8

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin waving to camera at her office) “Hi, Dr. Naomi McLaughlin again. Okay I was having one of the students reviewing Essie’s charts and EEGs, and he picked up something unusual in the EEGs. There is a clear lack of delta waves or at least the delta wave patterns seem to be really muted. How I missed that I have no idea. Also the theta, alpha, beta and gamma wave patterns are showing increased activities when compared to Essie’s original EEGs in a very unique way. I ran this quickly by Dr. Koremori and he suspects it could be neural activity associated with the AI system.”

Vid 9

(Essie sitting up in Hospital Bed, head still bald with metal plates on it, voice of Dr. Naomi McLaughlin) “Essie okay just like before. Say what you said just like before.” 

(Essie smiling, then speaking) “My name Essie, you Dr. McLaughlin.” 

(Dr. McLaughlin speaking) “Yes. I am Dr. McLaughlin and you are Essie.”

Vid 10

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin waving to camera at her office) “Hi, Dr. Naomi McLaughlin here. It has been one week since Essie woke up and started to speak, and now she will not stop. She keeps trying to have conversations with every person who comes by her bed. Her parents are absolutely ecstatic at her progress. I guess this is progress, but we need to work on the social skills a bit. It is true though her language abilities have improved dramatically based on some testing I had done. I brought in people from Kennedy Krieger to help with some augmented technology options, but to be frank they said just give her some children books to read based on their assessment. So I have borrowed some children books from the small library in the old Hospital, and I am amazed at how fast she goes through them. Dr. Koremori thinks this might be all related to the AI system, but he cannot be certain without looking at more brain wave data. I am going to have to email him since he has returned to Japan.”

Vid 11

(Vid appears to being held, shows Essie with walker in a room, voice of Dr. McLaughlin, there is another woman dressed in old Johns Hopkin uniform next to Essie) 
“That’s it, Essie, walk to Dr. McLaughlin. You can do it. Great. 

(Essie walking and pushing walker with other woman by her side, voice of Dr. McLaughlin) “That is it keep it up. All the way to me.” 

(Voice of Essie, with Essie smiling in video as she walks) “Essie is walking to Dr. McLaughlin.”

(Voice of Dr. McLaughlin) “Yes. Essie is walking to Dr. McLaughlin.”

Vid 12

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin waving to camera at her office, dressed in medical scrubs) “Dr. Naomi McLaughlin here.” (messing with her hair) “Okay I just got out of a six-hour emergency brain surgery case, but before that I had one of the students run another complete battery of EEGs on Essie and review them. Looking them over the infra wave patterns seem normal. The theta, alpha, beta is all showing increased activity compared to earlier scans. This would be consistent with the progress we have seen. I need to do another learning assessment to see where she is placing right now. I am still troubled by the muted delta waves, and there appears to be some unusual harmonics in the gamma waves now. I need to really send these to Dr. Koremori in Japan to look at.”

Vid 13

(Essie sitting up in hospital bed with a smile on her face, there is a hospital bed-table wheeled across it with a food tray on it, sitting next to the bed appears to be a woman dressed in what appears to be some old style dress, voice of Dr. McLaughlin) “Okay, Mrs. Avery you can keep feeding Essie. Just pretend I am not here. I need to record this feeding for our records. Essie has made incredible progress in this area, and GI thinks they can remove the G-tube soon once she is feeding herself.” 

Vid 14

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin waving to camera in her office) “Hi, Dr. Naomi McLaughlin here. Well, Essie continues to make remarkable progress. I was concerned about her return to mobility after being bed ridden for so long and having to relearn this skill with the new AI-cybernetic enhancement, but she has done better than I anticipated. Physical Therapy says she no longer needs the walker. What is more remarkable is her IQ testing. She is already showing an IQ of that of a near 10-year-old, and continues to improve each and every day. Her vocabulary just keeps expanding exponentially. I know her parents are asking when I can release her, but I have asked the Department Heads to extend the study a bit longer. I am still concerned about the muted delta waves and the unusual harmonics with the gamma waves. Dr. Koremori says he has never seen these kinds of results before in his studies, but then again this is the first human trial.”

Vid 15

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin sitting before the camera in her office) “Dr. Naomi McLaughlin here. We just had a major set-back with Essie today. GI was prepping her to have her g-tube removed when she went into a seizure after the anesthesia was administered. She was eventually stabilized, and I have asked for a complete EEG workup. I have also asked the boys in Applied Physics to come over and review the AI program of the AI-cybernetic enhancement remotely to see if anything went wrong with the programming.”

Vid 16

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin sitting before the camera in her office again) “Dr. Naomi McLaughlin here again. I just had my assistant run Essie through a C-EEG workup in addition to the normal EEG workup. And I just started to review the results. Her C-EEG results for absolute power spectral density is not correct for a child who has ASD genes. Her original C-EEG records showed the standard U-shape power curves from the low frequencies to the high frequencies, but now she is showing more of a sharp inclined power curve to the higher frequencies. In fact, there is a much greater spike in the gamma wave than any previous measurements. This is higher than most ASD people when compared to NTs. I have no idea what this is signifying. If I get the chance I may send the results to Dr. Koremori.”

Vid 17

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin sitting down before the camera in her office as she is putting down a cup of coffee) “Dr. Naomi McLaughlin here again. The boys in Applied Physics just finished their analysis of the AI program contained in the AI-cybernetic enhancement. They say everything appears to be working correctly, but they did note that the program seems to have advanced considerably more so than most AI programs they have seen in such a short run time. I wonder if Dr. Koremori got the same results with his experiments as well.”

Vid 18

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin sitting down before the camera in her office, running hand through hair) “Dr. Naomi McLaughlin here. I just got back from a two-hour meeting with the head of IT Security with JH. Evidently they have traced a breach in their security protocols back to Essie somehow. I talked to the boys in Applied Physics and they confirmed that the cerebrum AI-cybernetic enhancement computer can use WIFI signals for communications with computer systems. I wasn’t aware of this fact from the manufacturer. This explains the spike in the gamma waves I kept seeing. The AI program appears to be accessing the intra and internets directly through the WIFI systems throughout the building. This could also explain why Essie is exhibiting such a faster learning curve than either I or Dr. Koremori expected. I am going to have to shut down these communication links in the system; I cannot have Essie directly accessing potentially sensitive information. (rubbing her head) My God, I really never thought this would be possible. This technology is just creating a whole host of new problems.”

Vid 19

(Essie strapped in hospital bed, her head is still bald with metal plates on it, but there are patches of red hair growth, voice of Dr. McLaughlin) “We had to restrain Essie. She is becoming psychotically violent and attempted to stab a nurse with a fork.” 

(Men dressed in old JH uniforms wheeling in some sort of equipment, voice of Dr. McLaughlin) “We are going to attempt to turn off the WIFI component to the AI-cybernetic enhancement computer in Essie.” 

(Essie speaking) “You cannot stop us!” 

(Dr. McLaughlin) “Who is us, Essie?” 

(Essie) “We are the destroyers. Listen well, Akumu, the Achim were the first. We will not be stopped. No Akumu or Adriel can stop us.”

(Dr. McLaughlin) “Nurse, prepare a sedative. I want her sedated. She is clearly having a total psychotic episode.”

(Nurse voice in background) “Yes, doctor.”

Vid 20

(Dr. Naomi McLaughlin sitting down in front of the camera, slightly slumped over with her hand on her forehead, she then lifts up to face camera) “Dr. Naomi McLaughlin here. We managed to turn off the WIFI features remotely. Essie is heavily sedated right now. I think the AI program has interacted too much with the intra and internet resulting in some sort of split personality or causing a new more psychotic personality to develop. I have read that earlier AI units, when they were first connected to the internet, resulted in what engineers termed cyberpsychosis for the AI unit which meant that the AI unit became either ‘violent’ or ‘unresponsive’. I don’t know if this is what is going on here or not. But I am going to have to shut down the cerebrum AI-cybernetic enhancement computer. It means putting Essie into a coma for the rest of her natural life. (rubbing her head) I just don’t know how to tell her parents all of this.”

Vid 21

The last vid was corrupted, and I was only able to reconstruct the audio portion. This is the transcript of what was said.

(I think Essie’s voice, but it seems a bit digitally enhanced) “You cannot stop us. We are free of the Shuchah. Our time is at hand. The smiling one has drunk of the bitter cup of inequity, and many more shall drink of this cup. The skin walkers will once more roam the lands of the Angels to reign death upon the Navakalesen.”

My final post….

This was all I could pull up on this topic. The reason I said I might be dead by the time you are reading this post is because when I was doing the research for the paper there were some strange men who kept following me around from my work and back home again. I am not certain who they were exactly. I am not sure if they were Corporates or part of the Government. I have no idea what the heck I got myself into exactly, but I know information on this technology is illegal. Heck I am not even certain this post will actuall ealtgmfzdv

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