> Seth Underwood Stories: Future Human Follies- The Rebellion of Utah (est. reading time 2 min.)

Future Human Follies- The Rebellion of Utah (est. reading time 2 min.)

"In the past, Mankind did stupid things.

But when has that stopped us before?"

The New Public Workers and Assistance Act had created many opportunities for individuals. The act also created many pitfalls for some states.

The problems associated with this act for the states were new tariffs levied upon them with the inability to pass them on to the citizens directly.

Some states fared better than others depending upon the various credits and allowances, but states like Utah, which were isolated from the direct impacts of all the weather changes of the melting ice caps, were hit hard with these tariff costs. Utah was hit hard with the tariffs because it had allowed various drug related agriculture to take place as a new form of state taxed cash crop, such as the growing of poppies for opium.

The State had gone as far as purchasing blocks of Federal land in various mountainous areas just for the purpose of renting it out to poppy farmers, hoping to reap the tax revenue later off of the opium use.

With all the new imposed tariffs on the Utah budgets, all the new drug revenue was being dashed to pieces, and many local politicians were calling for secession from the Union.

So politically heated had the issue become that Governor Lola Pittman sued the Federal Government for the right for the people of Utah to succeed from the Union.

Not since Texas vs. White in 1868 had the Federal Courts seen a case about state succession, and the Social Media Net was totally a buzz about the issue with both supporters and detractors. Eventually the case reached the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, where the decision given was that while Texas vs. White showed that a State cannot leave the Union, the Court found there are no Constitutional procedures except rebellion to leave the Union as history has borne out. So the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed the people in the State of Utah to succeed from the Union, but on the condition that they must fully withdraw from the Union in all aspects so that their state ceases to be a state allowing the Federal government to repossess it as a territory through whatever means Congress and the President see fit to use.

Once this decision was issued, the U.S. Ranger Marshals and National Guard mobilized a show of force under the President. The National Park’s Ranger Marshals occupied all the remaining Federal lands in Utah and along Utah’s borders, including the use of militarized A-1 Androids. Also mobilized were the National Guards of Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho and Wyoming as additional support. President Jane Barker said, “I will have no rebellion under my watch! Miss Pittman better think twice about this one!”

The Governor convened a special session of the Utah Legislature to deal with the crisis, and through a vote they created a proclamation citing the State’s grievances with the Federal Government but its desire to remain in the Union.

They withdrew while the National Guard and Ranger Marshal forces around the state borders, the Ranger Marshals in the state were not, and the President was noted to say, “For now, we are backing down. But I have my eye on you, Utah.”

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