> Seth Underwood Stories: #JustGiveUpMen (Est. Read Time- 7 min.)

#JustGiveUpMen (Est. Read Time- 7 min.)

Editorial Note- This transcript gives readers background material for the time that occurs before the development of the A-4 Androids.


Soon several social media norms-based campaigns will be credited with the impetus for changes in society. This led up to the development of the A-4 Androids and their abilities to birth human clones. While movements like #MeToo primarily dealt with sexual assault and harassment against women, other similar ones that came after #MeToo (such as #OforEveryone, #NoSlutShaming, and #ROAR) morphed over time with the news cycles into a quasi-political agenda representing a holistic feminist school of thought. Counter hashtag norms-based movements naturally developed against this agenda, one of which was the #JustGiveUpMen.


Mike Sweet started #JustGiveUpMen after a bitter divorce with his wife of 25 years. Shortly after the start of his hashtag movement the heterosexual divorce rate shot up nearly 60% over a five-year period, and the male suicide rate saw a dramatic uptick. Many social scientists determined that the cause of these events was Sweet’s norms-based campaign. Later social scientists would credit various sexual harassment and domestic violence movements as the social impetus for the development of alternative ways of humans reproducing and the social adoption of advance IVF cloning systems.


Below is a transcript from a Social Media Network show of the time on the subject.



[Beginning of Recorded Material]

Female Voice:                    This is Hashtag, a monthly vidzine where we have casual conversations with the creators of hashtag movements on the Social Media Net. Your host is Raabiya Sherzai. Today’s show is brought to you by Pharmazon, the single largest direct deliverer of prescription medications today.

       [Pause] Today’s guest is Mike Sweet, the creator of the hashtag,#JustGiveUpMen.

Raabiya Sherzai:               This is Raabiya, and I am here with Mike Sweet, creator of the hashtag #JustGiveUpMen. A movement that has taken the Social Media Net by storm with some crediting it with the 60% spike in recent divorces among heterosexuals. So do you have a response to that claim?

Mike Sweet:                       Well, if my hashtag movement has resulted in more men to leave their wives the more power to them. That is the entire purpose of the movement. With the high social conviction rate of men concerning domestic violence, it is far better that they just leave their spouses now than wait for them to slap them with an accusation.

Raabiya Sherzai:

        But is that really resolving the problem of domestic violence? This is just supporting greater divorce.

Mike Sweet:                       Well, Raabiya, the crime stats show that the conviction rate for men concerning domestic violence is nearly over 90% because they are told by their attorneys, it is far easier to do a plea bargain than go through a court case where the jury is socially biased against you just because of the accusation. I mean, it is just like the stats with the conviction rate of robbery among blacks. Only 47% of white men get convicted, while a clear majority of men convicted of robbery are black. So if you are black and accused of robbery you might as well forget it and plea bargain because socially everyone knows a black man will rob you. Or that 55% of felons below the age of 17 are black and we socially all know any young black man must be a felon. Then there are the rape and sexual abuse stats; an overwhelming number of men go to jail for rape, although 7% of the female U.S. populace is preying on young boys. These women never go to jail or even see an arrest. That is just sick.

Raabiya Sherzai:               Isn’t it possible these stats reflect those who are guilty and not a social bias? And isn’t it true that you started this movement shortly after your own divorce? Some have said this is just a response to that event.

Mike Sweet:                       Numbers don’t lie and these numbers show us there are biases in the system. As for my divorce, to hell with those critics! They didn’t have to live with a woman for 25 years who refused to get treated for her low thyroid and the constant emotional games she played because of it. If my divorce helped me start this, then society needs it.

Raabiya Sherzai:               Okay. But doesn’t your movement advocate legal changes in the workplace as well?

Mike Sweet:                       Yes. #JustGiveUpMen advocates that there are changes in the laws to allow workplace discrimination against heterosexual married people. As those of us in charge of this movement see it, it is far better that the workplace be filled with single women and homosexuals. That caused all the problems with workplace sexual harassment in the first place as heterosexual men, and when taken in the broader context of domestic violence it’s the same problem. Male heterosexuality is the key problem with all this, and there are studies to support this.

Raabiya Sherzai:               Isn’t that over generalizing the issues? I mean by saying this you automatically create a narrative that it perverts male heterosexuality. How does that resolve the problems?

Mike Sweet:                       Look, for a long time we have had this problem in our country and we’ve really done nothing about it. Our political solution resolves the problem socially once and for all. By banning heterosexually married people from the workplace, you ensure that the workplace is free from the moral abomination of sexual harassment and domestic violence.

Raabiya Sherzai:                  But that isn’t really solving the problem. All you are doing is removing it from the workplace.

Mike Sweet:                       Yes, but you see then if heterosexual men want any economic advantage they would then realize they would have to divorce their women and marry other men if they are so inclined.

Raabiya Sherzai:              I just don’t see how this is resolving the problem of domestic violence or sexual harassment in the workplace? I mean, these issues are not exclusive to heterosexuals.

Mike Sweet:                       Are you kidding me?! Heterosexuals do all the cases involving a workplace sexual harassment and domestic violence. Numbers don’t lie. That is proof enough for us.

Raabiya Sherzai:                  But by focusing solely on one demographic and ignoring the others you are refocusing the narrative that is mutually exclusive when that is not the case.

Mike Sweet:                       Look, most cases show what is at fault here. Women have socially been the gatekeepers of sex in the heterosexual relationship and that reality has produced the problem we see socially. Change the gatekeepers until you resolve the problem.

Raabiya Sherzai:               Okay, but I still don’t see how this resolves everything. I mean all you are going to do is drive up divorce in the heterosexual community and then what about those men who remain single? What are they to do for work?

Mike Sweet:                       Look, if a man wants to be single then he can be self employed. Work as some 1099 recipient for some online business. Otherwise, he should start looking for another guy to marry, like I did.

Raabiya Sherzai:                  Are you saying your relationship is better than what it was?

Mike Sweet:                       Most definitely. My partner, Tony, is the greatest. He is straightforward and there is no emotional crap with the sex.

Raabiya Sherzai:               Okay, but that is great for you. But maybe there are some men who don’t see it this way. What advice do you have for them?

Mike Sweet:                       (Looking straight at the camera) Well, if you think my way is not better, then you better set some money aside for a lawsuit now. I tell you bro one day she will come after you. She will come after you. They all do.

Raabiya Sherzai:               Well, we are out of time. So I am going to have to leave it there. This is Raabiya Sherzai for Hashtag.


 Image- untitled image, By Jon Tyson, Source Unsplash, Unsplash License (Processed by Adobe Spark)

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