> Seth Underwood Stories: Legal Notice and Word to Readers

Legal Notice and Word to Readers

Legal Notice

The operators of this website use as a guide the understandings of the US Movie and Television Rating systems with regards to age appropriateness concerning content appropriateness. The current content would be considered somewhere between PG-13 to R rating based on these understandings. As a reader you have been warned.

A Word to Readers

What you are reading is fiction. As an author, I may be inspired by current events, past events, or host of ideas or concepts for an idea for the story. The purpose of my stories is first and foremost to be your personal enjoyment, and secondarily to prompt you to think a bit. In no way am I as a writer asking you, the reader to take my stories and turn them into a personal manifesto or ideology of some kind to be acted out in some manner. If you are being inspired thusly you frankly missed the point. If Arthur Conan Doyle found out that someone decided to try to outwit the FBI as if the FBI was Sherlock Homes because they read his Sherlock Homes books, he would be turning over in his grave. Or a would be politician decided to use the book 1984 as his/her guide book for politics, I think George Orwell would be upset to say the least.

So on the behalf of myself, and pretty much authors everywhere, if you are reading a story just keep it at that. Do not take it any further for God sake.