> Seth Underwood Stories: Sylvester Page and a Conversation with a Night Specter

Sylvester Page and a Conversation with a Night Specter


One night I awoke to the smell of something so awful that my stomach turned. I dry heaved and thought I would throw up in my bed.

But as I threw my comforter off me, I noticed two piercing red eyes at the foot of my bed. Then came this voice that echoed in my head. It was as sweet as a whisper from my girlfriend in my ear and as familiar as my mom’s singing when I was a child.

“Sylvester, I’m here to tell you the truth.”

Truth? What truth would this voice tell me? I already knew a lot. I had two undergraduate degrees. One in Accounting and one in Psychology. A master’s degree in Moral Philosophy, and I was working towards my doctorate in Applied Ethics. What more truth could such a specter teach me that I didn’t already know?

“Oh, such arrogance. A most lovely trait of your kind. So well developed in this age.”

Arrogance? I’m not arrogant. I know I’m not arrogant because I internally believe myself not to be arrogant. This specter would have to accept this as fact, like everyone else. Otherwise, it must be a bigot. And if a bigot, then it deserves to be damned.

“My friend, I’m already damned. I have been since the start of time. It was my choice.”

Well, good then. I grabbed my comforter and rolled over to go back to sleep.

“Don’t you want to know the truth?”

I tried as hard as I could to put this voice out of my mind.

“Come now. Do you think you can go to sleep and avoid me? I will not make it that easy for you. You know in your heart you want to know what I have to say.”

The specter was right. Deep down, part of me wanted to know whatever it had to say. So, I rolled on my back and waited for its message.

“Now listen well. I’m here to tell you that all of humanity is eternally damned, no matter what it does. There’s no amount of grace that can remove the eternal damnation of the sins of the unconscious mind.”

Sins of the unconscious mind? Sure, our unconscious mind can cause us to do things without knowing what we are doing. But this was still debatable by science. Some people weren’t even sure there’s an unconscious mind at all. Of course, I was always taught there was an unconscious mind. What this specter said seemed logical in that if our unconsciousness held immoral beliefs, then our minds could unconsciously act on those beliefs without us even knowing. But if true, was all of humanity eternally damned? Could none be saved? That would mean so many religions of the world would be false. No, this made no sense to me. Even my non-religious mind knew there had to be a way out of this, even if there was no afterlife. A way to purge the evil of the unconscious mind so one could be morally good in the here and now.

“Really? You can’t purge something you are not even aware of. Think about it, my friend.”

Of course, you can purge the unconscious mind. Everyone knows regression hypnotherapy can reveal the thoughts of the unconscious mind. The therapist can purge all those evil thoughts from the individual through a few sessions.

“Hypnosis? My best gift to humanity yet. The ultimate in suggestive thought.”

That was it. This was going nowhere fast. I grabbed my comforter and rolled back over on my bed.

“Very well, Sylvester. I will leave you my friend. But remember, I will always be close to you and your generation for years to come.”


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