> Seth Underwood Stories: The Day One Plus One Equaled Thirteen (est. reading time- 4 min. )

The Day One Plus One Equaled Thirteen (est. reading time- 4 min. )

In a small, unassuming room in the German town of Bad Düben, a group of scientists met a small gathering of the Press. There they announced to the World the following incredible news, which is translated here:

“We thank you the Press for coming. After decades of research at CERN we have finally confirmed Dr. Markin Borisovich’s hypothesis that according to the quantum universe when applied to the larger scale universe that one plus one actually equals thirteen. At first we could not believe the results, but they have been independently confirmed by labs in China, England, Canada and the United States. This means all of large scale mathematics will have to be revised to fit this new norm. Again, we thank all in attendance today.”

At first the news was just briefly mentioned in some of the mainstream news media, but then it was seized upon by the social media. It became a large controversy on social media with people saying you cannot argue with science, and others saying there is no way one plus one could equal thirteen but offered no proof to the contrary except it never equaled thirteen.

Such a firestorm had been ignited on social media that it became a point of political contention where prominent politicians began to weigh in through Tweets and other postings saying,

“If 1+1=13, what does this mean for voting? Clearly, something the obstructionists and the oppositional party would put out. #NO13”

“1+1=13. This is a fact. Science said so. #YES13”

Later a small group of scientists tried to show a mathematical proof published in the Journal of Science that one plus one actually equaled two at least in theory. 
But their proof was ripped apart by a series of counter complex mathematical proofs published in a series of scientific journals using the data from the CERN research.

For months the mainstream media didn’t bother with the firestorm of the news they originally just glossed over, but the popularity of the argument had reached a point that was too much for the industry to pass up. In an instant the mainstream media was accused of being one sided and fake news by the social media outlets.  The mainstream media were shown to cover only the science side of one plus one equaling thirteen versus the Traditionalists side, as they had now become known, who felt that one plus one could not equal thirteen.

During one interview with two respected scientists, one mainstream media outlet tried to remain balanced.

“So you are both respected scientists, and we have been hearing for months now that the US Government is going to need to change a lot of the weights and measurement systems, as well as the taxation system due to the new revelations concerning one plus one equaling thirteen. But there still appears to be some question over this issue. So Dr. Rowland if you could elaborate more on this?”

“Why certainly, I have been advising the President concerning the science behind this revelation for months now. This is so profound for mankind. Almost as profound as the creation of the zero.”

Interrupting Dr. Rowland, Dr. McConnell said, “Are you kidding me? You know very well the science is based on junk. Borisovich’s theories were always considered a bunch of scientific nonsense by the community for decades.”

Dr. Rowland responded back, “Look, your side had its day, but in the end true science has proven Borisovich correct. You must accept the facts as facts.”

Rolling her eyes, Dr. McConnell said, “You people are just insane to follow such Fake News.”

Dr. Rowland points his finger at the camera then countered, “And yet your side cannot offer a decent counter proof. Everything your side has done is an unprovable theory.”

Trying to take control of the debate the newscaster said, “Okay, it looks like we need to go to commercial right now. We will have to continue this debate for another time.”

In time whole governments changed their entire educational systems, weights and measurements, taxation systems, and even ballot counting systems to reflect the new mathematical reality. It was such a profound influence on the world and for a time people got used to the fact that one plus one now equaled thirteen that its opposition was almost nearly forgotten.

It wouldn’t be until a graduate student working late one night in the college stacks would come across a lost and long forgotten mathematical proof for one plus one actually equaling two that the firestorm would then be reawakened. But this time the proof showed how Borisovich was wrong, and how the original CERN observations were wrong as well. It actually offered sound and scientific demonstrations of why one plus one was two, and not thirteen after all. It was the counter argument that was never offered in the first place because the proof was published in a little unknown journal of insignificance and the Traditionalists never really bothered to read or even mention.

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