> Seth Underwood Stories: The Election of the Town of Glupi (est. reading time- 3 min)

The Election of the Town of Glupi (est. reading time- 3 min)

The votes had been counted, and the Chief Judge couldn’t believe the results. She ordered for an automatic recount, because she just wouldn’t let a bag of potato chips be the Mayor of the Town of Glupi.

But after the recount, the Closing Judge came to the head judge and said, “Look, we can count them again, but the results are clear. A bag of potato chips is now the Mayor of the Town.”

“Oh my God, I cannot believe people would do this. They actually voted for the damn bag of potato chips on the ballot. I just cannot believe that a Judge would allow the ballot to stand as is believing the people were smarter than to vote for a grocery list.”

“So, what are you going to do?” asked the Closing Judge. 

“Who was the second place person?”

“The carrot.”

“Huh? Did any humans win?” asked the Chief Judge.

“I am afraid not, no. No career politician got a single vote. Just the food items on the ballot.”

“Even for the council seats?”

“Yes, even for the council seats.” responded the Closing Judge.

“What the heck are we going to do? Report that a grocery list is now the Mayor and Council of the Town of Glupi.”

Just then one of the Runners came into the office.

“There was a mistake in the counting of the council seats.” 
The Runner said. “Fred Smith actually won district five against a piece of cake by five votes.”

“Are there any other similar miscounts?” asked the Chief Judge hoping that she could report that real people won.

“Nope, that was it. Some of us started to recount even though we were not asked to, and we found another box of uncounted ballots for district five. So once we added those in, and then recounted everything again, that is when we found out Fred Smith actually won. But all the other results still stand, a bag of potato chips won as Mayor for all districts.”

“Thanks.” Turning to the Closing Judge the Chief Judge said to him, “Well, I guess we need to break the news to Fred Smith that he will be serving with a Mayor and Council which is composed of a grocery list.”

“But this means nothing is going to get done in Glupi. There will not be enough Council votes to do anything. All the staff will automatically be dismissed by law because the new Mayor and Council are supposed to approve a new group by a consensus vote. How will the garbage be picked up? Who will run the Police and the Fire House?” Observed the Closing Judge. 

“I really, honestly do not know. God, I just hope Frank doesn’t get hungry and eat his fellow politicians, because then he would be committing some form of a crime. Then we would have to do this all over again.” Said the Chief Judge.

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