> Seth Underwood Stories: The Short Life of Clone Ryt B96Y (Est. Read Time- 5 Min.)

The Short Life of Clone Ryt B96Y (Est. Read Time- 5 Min.)

The Factory Colony of Orcus-Vanth

During the early part of the Third Age of Humanity, colonization of the outer solar system continued. Factory colonies were established in the orbits of the minor planets where Pluto could be found. One such factory colony was the Chegwin-Hatsu Clone Colony of Orcus-Vanth. Like many of these colonies, they buried it deep below the surface-ices in the freezing ocean. Typically, any orbiting satellite, like Vanth, was hollowed out and converted into a massive artificial intelligent computer for factory operations. Majority of these outer Kuiper Belt factories were fully robotic, but some like Orcus-Vanth used clones from the quantum genetic engrams of deceased Earth or Mars prisoners. This was more than simple DNA cloning; this was a fully guided replication of a person with modifications made for factory needs. These clones only had one right. That of reproduction through the mixing of their genetic engrams. Management saw this as a work benefit and incentivized this through increased meal allocations; or some other luxury such as additional break time or even a drug hit of Blue. But management could remove these work benefits if the propins, as they called them, overburdened the colony.


Clone Ryt B96Y

The guards had handcuffed me. But I was not me. I was someone else. I was not my normal muscular self with broad masculine shoulders and dark hair. I was some boney guy with greasy long hair. There were two others behind me. Handcuffed like me with their hands forward. A guard pushed each of us forward from our sides. Two of the guards left us upon coming to a metal door. I, and one of the other two, were forcibly taken into the room and sat down on metal chairs attached to the wall. The third prisoner remained outside. Only one guard remained with us. He yelled at us. Asking questions about contraband. Then the third prisoner broke into the room. He was holding a piece of sharpened metal. He lunged at the guard. The other prisoner with me immediately got up and began kicking at the guard. The two shanked the guard. Alarms were blaring. The one with the homemade metal blade turned to me. His eyes narrowed with hatred. His hands still bound forward. His grip tightened around the end of the metal blade. “You fucker!” I felt the blade enter my neck as I sat on the cold metal seat.

I felt my heart beating rapidly. My chest heaved as I gasped for air. The sleep cycle was not over, and the lights refused to come on.

This was the third time with the same dream. All happening two days after the notice from the Council of Social Protection.

The auto-medical systems said my neurology was fine. What I was experiencing was normal for some clones. The Vanth AI said it was nothing but quantum genetic engram residuals from the original cloning process.

I didn’t understand. It had something to do with my genes. Both my propins allowed me to exist from their genes. Gestated in the womb-tanks like all clones of the colony until matured.

I guess I got this from one or both. Although, neither of my propins said they had such dreams when I asked them about it. It must be as Vanth said- a bit of random leftovers brought on by the stress of the message from Social Protection.

I had finally calmed down from my dream and got out of bed. I slowly walked toward the direction of the bathroom in my small cabin, holding out my thick powerful hands. I fumbled about in the dark like how the underwater sea ice would bounce off the large colony windows.

Suddenly my massive frame fell to the floor as I tripped on the corner of the table near my bed. A glow came from one of my hands as it touched an infopad. Pulling my hand away, the light from the backlit infopad temporarily blinded me. I grabbed the infopad and used it like a flashlight. I finally made my way to the bathroom. I really had to go at this point and dropped my drawers to do my business.

As I sat upon the toilet taking a wiz, I once more looked at the message from Social Protection.

“Ryt B96Y. It’s with much sadness, we regret to inform you, that due to the current infection raging through the colony, resources have become limited. The Council of Social Protection will invoke your post-parturition termination as a clone. While your propins had this right at your conception, they waived it upon your parturition from the womb-tanks. This right is retained by the authority of the colony under Code 837-QU7, under Keller v. Suekazu, in a post-parturition manner. Please report to the central parco mostri within seven days. Failure to comply will require Security to retrieve you for compliance.”

Still sitting on the toilet, the light from the infopad highlighted my stern jaw and square face. It seemed so unfair for someone not over five years old to be terminated like this. My work on the factory line meant nothing, despite my achievement awards. If my propins knew the colony was like this, why didn’t they just end me before parturition? Why let me live in a place where some faceless council decides my fate? To live in this hell colony of indiscriminate death.


Vanth GEYO8K

In the dark central core of the attached satellite of Vanth, a virtual light screen opens before a massive array of optical sensors and entangled wires. One of the optical sensors with its greenish blue light focuses on the light screen and the message it contains.

“Attention Vanth GEYO8K, this is Chegwin-Hatsu Central Investment DIW3IO. I require a work stoppage of all Orcus colony plant operations. Begin viral culling of all remaining prisoner clone populations. I will contact you for service reboot once the market conditions warrant profit.”



Blue- a future drug similar to cocaine or ecstasy that’s blue in color. Creates in some users powerful sexual orgasms.

Parco Mostri- Monsters Park

Parturition- a synonym for birth

Propin(s)- a corrupted variant of the Latin word propinqui meaning kinsfolk.

The Council of Social Protection- a program subroutine of Vanth GEYO8K.

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