> Seth Underwood Stories: Social Media Gone Wrong

Social Media Gone Wrong

If you think its bad now...

Well in my future time, social media and the internet evolve into the Social Media Net. It feeds people constant information as AI algorithms make constant adjustments to meet our "tribal needs".

This is why the period of time known as the Ross Perot Period of Presidents is just so chaotic socially. Things have become very polarizing and radical groups run a muck socially across the land.

Our two party system has collapsed. Multiple parties are trying to obtain the White House. All want to control Congress. The Supreme Court is paralyzed.

The police try to stop things, but the courts have supported crazy ideas like the right to kill people with a gun.

States have legalized drugs in order to pay for massive Federal debt charges to them, and the DEA worries more about illegal drug running between states than what's happening in Columbia.

Meanwhile a new paramilitary organization from the National Park Service is patrolling Federal lands to stop illegal drug and other activities.

These are the times of the Rosella Tolfree stories. 

This is the Second Age of Humanity.