> Seth Underwood Stories: Rosella's future time and the Despot Presidents

Rosella's future time and the Despot Presidents

I wrote on Medium a commentary concerning NYT reporter, Jason Stanley’s YouTube on the traits of a Fascist. While I disagree with use of the word in this context (fascism comes from Italian meaning a political group of men or a political group of men against communism), I will let some of this slide due to modern sensitivities created by World War II. With that being said, Hitler was a complete tyrant. Just making that clear.

In my dystopian future America, politics has gone awry. We end up with 40 years of despot presidents. You should not confuse despot with tyrant. Despot is a lesser version of a tyrant. An absolute ruler, but they could be good or evil. The problem is despots are just control freaks and because of that they want to hold on to the reins of power as long as possible.

The Rosella Tolfree series is set in the middle of all this time period. So twenty years of bad presidents has already occurred, and another twenty years has still to come.

See my Medium article on the social elements that lead us to this point in time.