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America - Capitalism and Socialism

I posted a response on Medium to Umair Haque's article "What Happens After Capitalism?"

He argues that what will happen is there will be a melding or blending of the two into a new synthesis. I have bad news, America has been doing this since day one.

This nation was found on two bed rocks... individual religious freedom and individual business freedom. The two keep each other in check for the religious side provides the morality to keep at bay the greed from capitalism taking over.

In my future America, a country besieged with two great ecological disasters, the nation continues to survive despite the 40 years of despot presidents. This is because we are Americans founded on the principals outlined in Preamble of the Constitution.

It is "We the People" who make this nation happen. We do this every day when we go to work, and every time we vote.

Do we have our problems? You bet. Hell, we had a Civil War! We even fought the British twice!

It would take a lot for America to be wiped off the map. To become like the Roman Empire of old.

No, I don't see this happening at this point in time.

Not until humanity has reached for the stars do I see America fading into a quaint country in the backdrop of a multitude of worlds scattered amongst the heavens.