> Seth Underwood Stories: Statement on Political Violence

Statement on Political Violence

As an author who writes dystopian political science fiction, I unfortunately fill much of my world with political violence. This is not unlike other writers who put in evil characters and organizations for heroes and heroines to fight against.

I want my readers, and others to know, that I do not condone those who read my stories to become inspired to do hateful acts of violence in the present.

I write these stories, like most science fiction writers, to make people realize how wrong things can become and that we should strive to correct society before my visions become a reality. Because I write hard science fiction, the details of my writings can be realistic.

I’ve written on this topic when the baseball shootinghappened in Virginia, and again I say the same thing and reminding people not to do violence.

Nothing has changed since that date. Maybe as we go forward, things will.