> Seth Underwood Stories: The Gillette Short Film

The Gillette Short Film

A while back I wrote a short story dealing with one's man response to society's general misandry. I wrote this during the height of the #MeToo movement on cable news. It was my vision of a possible future male reaction.

Meanwhile Gillette has released on YouTube a short film entitled 
and again we are talking about #MeToo on cable news.

Aside from making a social statement concerning male behavior, Gillette has been accused of capitalizing on the #MeToo movement. It's working to their favor because here I am making a blog post about it, and I don't even shave.

To be honest, the Gillette's piece is okay. But it doesn't go deep enough into what should be the relationship between men and women. 

Since the early 20th Century, we Americans have lost our sense of how the sexes are to behave with each other. Replaced instead with social ambitions of power and equality of rights. Now here we stand once more at a point where one female blogger is calling the #MeToo movement a witch hunt.

It would seem misandry has become the politically correct norm. Not that men should be pigs, but now it seems more acceptable to hate men. It's no wonder male suicides make up most suicides today.

There is a warning in the Bible about pulling up the weeds where the wheat grows because the good seed could be lost just as the bad as you exact your zeal to have justice. Could we be seeing the same today with the zeal of the #MeToo? Or is it too late now?