> Seth Underwood Stories: New Freemium Short Story- Maddix Comes of Age

New Freemium Short Story- Maddix Comes of Age

Untitled Image, By Davide Ragusa, Source- Unsplash.
I just posted on this site a new freemium short story, Maddix Comes of Age- The Sociable Event of the Sedna Colony.

This story came to me after writing about the YouTube-COPPA issue on Medium.

In time, content creation on the internet and child privacy will eventually come to terms with each other.

But I still think there's going to be a major issue with all the idea of internet privacy in general.

Social Media is about sharing. Sharing everything, and COPPA is poorly adapted for that reality.

But who knows, maybe the future of the internet will be no more sharing and social media will come to an end.


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