> Seth Underwood Stories: 2020 U.S. Elections Prediction for 2021

2020 U.S. Elections Prediction for 2021

Image: Voted Sticker {{ Check your registration at vote.org }}, By Dan Dennis, Source Unsplash, Unsplash License 

This is my prediction for events in 2021 related to the U.S. Presidential election.

Due to the high volumes of votes, the extreme division in the country and desire for each side to win, and despite the insignificant amount of real cases (only 1,298 proven cases), I predict in six to twelve months various jurisdictions will come out with cases of voter fraud.

Right now, about 43% of Democrats have some level of fraud concern about the mail in ballots; 92% of Republicans, and 63% of Independent voters.

So, depending on outcome and location, you may see being proclaimed from the mountain tops that the U.S. presidential election was stolen.

Even though the actual fraud committed wouldn't have mounted to a hill of beans in changing the outcome.

Case in point is what Coleman Hughes tweeted out about the claims of losing- "voter fraud on the right and voter suppression on the left."