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Historical or Important People in Rosella Tolfree's World

Gudo Muurling

List of Historical or Important People in Rosella Tolfree's World

The following list, while still ongoing, represents various people of historical or importance in the dystopian future that's Rosella Tolfree's world. 

These people are responsible for, or are connected to, events that have had impacts in the shaping of her world. This does not differ from what happens today, as single individuals can reshape the course of history by their actions or even their death.

Dr. April French Wolfe- Scientist responsible for the creation of the Res-Pangenderism theory. Her theory, based on quantum genetics, would eventually lead to a colony developed at Europa.

Dr. Daisy Miles- Creator of boutcyclidine, a PCP analogue. A highly addictive and popular drug known to cause paralysis. Requires the smoking of cotton balls with the drug in it.

Dr. Dolores McKenzie- She is the only researcher to live with the Cat-People of Memphis for over a year. The Cat People of Memphis are bipedal genetic mutant cat which are much taller than a human living in the Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park in Tennessee. They are the only known hybrid sentient species on the planet and are protected by Federal and International law. To date, no one knows who created them or why.

Dr. Martin Grofhurst- A colleague of Dr. French Wolfe who took her theories and combined with the Darwinism and Christianity into a book called, “The Rise of Inferior Genetics”. This book would be the central book for Second Age White Supremacy.

Gudo Muurling- A Dutch spiritualist responsible for the creation of the Church of the Ember Coalition. He immigrated to the U.S. and died in upstate New York. But this was never confirmed. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding his death or lack thereof.

Hans Derbin- A male supermodel who was appointed by Pres. Veronica Simmons to be the U.S. Ambassador to the World. Was investigated by the House for his lavish spending while being Ambassador.

Krishna Shree- An immigrant to the U.S. from India, and the author of “Men can have Space, I’ll take Earth”. She was also a House of Representative for one term. She became the central social figure in the U.S. for power of the single woman’s life during a time of change of family life during the Second Age of Humanity.

Maeva Paquin- a French Neo-Post-Modernist responsible for creation of a new Marxist theory called “Oprpresseurs Cycliques” or Cyclical Oppressors. Her ideas were adopted by the group “Société de la liberté robotique”. A French organization known by the initials SLR. Or in English, the Robotic Freedom Society. This group was labeled as a threat by governments because they were thought to be able to reprogram androids.

Mike Sweet- A divorcee who started a counter feminist hashtag movement during the early years of the Second Age of Humanity. After the start of his movement, the male suicide saw a dramatic increase. But his movement is credited to increasing the use of alternative reproductive methods for humanity.

Terrance McMahon- An attorney who was appointed by Pres. Veronica Simmons to the U.S. Supreme Court. McMahon was a convicted murder.

Tressa Pendarves- a naturalized English immigrant of the U.S. who wrote a book titled “The Useless Eaters Movement”. Her book would create a new educational movement in the U.S. to repeal public education mandates and return to the free enterprise models. She would be assassinated at a local political rally outside of Washington, DC.

Uzzia Banks- Founder of the Dignity for Mental Illness, Houston Chapter. This was a Marxist group of mentally ill individuals who were untreatable using the current Federal drug program. There were other chapters in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. He would die in the Moon Riots in Houston, TX. He’s linked for contributing to the development of the android brain and certain psychological/genetic exceptions for work related sexual harassment cases via the New Public Workers and Assistance Act.