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Archived Stories

Archived Stories

Veronica (est. read time- 24 min.), this story is about one of the only recorded incidents of an A-4 Androids actually experiencing the emotions of anger or hate with disastrous consequences.

Venera Khabitat Odin (est. read time- 19 min.), this story is about mankind's first human landing on Venus. It is set in the same future as the A-4 series of Androids.

Smash and Grab (est. read time- 9 min.), this is a dark parody of current augmented gaming apps based on the trends of actual court cases, especially one in California involving Niantic and property owner rights. 

Development of the A-4 Android Technology (est. read time- 18 min. for all parts), this is more of a "technical" explanation of the A-4 Android Technology and its general development in the Science Fiction world of the future that I have developed. It is to provide readers with a greater understanding of how things are working and general operational theories.

The Obsidian Block (est. read time- 3 min.), this story is a social commentary using the Minecraft motif of recent events of August 2017 in Virginia. It is not meant to show support for one side or the other morally, but shows the agreement that was struck at the end of the Civil War between the North and the South concerning the Confederate Soldiers and their honor due as veterans. 

How Covfefe Will Save the U.S. From Robot Domination (estread time - 8 min.), a sci-fi political satire of sorts set in the near future where coffee becomes an unwitting political tool.

The Day One Plus One Equaled Thirteen (estread time- 4 min.)another humorous short story illustrating a point about the media and POVs in our modern age.

The Summoning of Captain Constitution (estread time- 3 min.), this is a humorous short story using that classic comic book style to illustrate aspects of the Preamble of the Constitution and their meaning to us all.

The Election of the Town of Glupi (estread time- 3 min.), this is a humorous short story playing with the nature of our voting in a Republican Democracy (and that is a type of government not a reference to a political party), but it also has a serious lesson to it.

Smoking Cotton (est. read time- 11 min.), this is a future transcript from a vid show on Street Drugs. As part of my future world, the recreational use of drugs becomes legal in States Constitutionally in order to help pay for costs associated with such things as Global Warming.

The Lunch Date (estread time- 3 min.), this is a short story in the somewhat classic style of the Twilight Zone's odd way to present a common everyday scene. Here we have two women just having a midday cup of coffee talking about their pets.

A Day in the Life of a Martian Tax Slave (estread time- 27 min.), this is a short story of a Martian Tax Slave recounting the events of his predicament as he sought his fortunes on Mars as he lay dying on his bed on Mars from Martian Influenza.

Essie in Anaheim (estread time 15 min.), this is a student posting on the very first human trial of a cerebrum AI-cybernetic enhancement computer to deal with severe cognitive learning disabilities, as can be exhibited in some cases of severe autism and Angelman Syndrome, where the child’s learning capacities are extremely limited by the disorder itself, and why this technology is outlawed in the future.

Internee 4761627269656c2048656e736f6e- Slot B (estread time- 43 min.), the second part of a two-part short story series, set in the same science-fiction world as the short story "Poverty Revolt of Titan", in which Bessie Warner deals with the social complexities of Res-Pangenderism trying to release an Internee.

Internee 4761627269656c2048656e736f6e- Tab A (estread time- 17 min.), the first part of a two-part short story series, set in the same science-fiction world as the short story "Poverty Revolt of Titan", where an Internee is interviewed for release from a Jovian Youth Incarceration Program at 50 years of age. 

The Four Cases in the Ducibus of the Maior (estread time for all parts- 49 min.), a multi-part series of short stories combining both fantasy and science fiction into a unique exploration of contemporary social reproductive issues through a court-like format.

Church of the Independent (estread time- 12 min.), a contemporary fictional piece is set in Washington, DC, where two roommates have a conflict.

Depressive Voter Syndrome (estread time- 8 min.), a Twilight Zone like short story set in a quasi-science fiction world where voting is taking very seriously. One must beware of the Men in Pink.